AR / VR / XR

Unlimited Virtual Experiences without Wires

mmWave Meets AR/VR/XR Demands for Bandwidth and Latency

Current Issue:

  • Virtual experience quality depends on low latency, high bandwidth data
  • Wearable devices must enable user’s freedom of movement
  • Data streams must be robust and immune from common interference sources


  • Light weight AR glass and VR goggles with gigabit wireless connection to network or console
  • Dense user environments with minimal interference
  • Remote medicine


  • Up to 12GHz available mmWave spectrum (60GHz band)
  • Extremely low latency physical and MAC layers
  • No interference from other wireless networks and devices

Immersive AR/VR experiences with the freedom to roam are enabled by mmWave technology. mmWave wireless is fast, low latency and will remain uncongested due to vast amounts of available spectrum and smart beamforming technology.