MMWAVE Frontier for Wireless Communication

Open mmWave spectrum is the next frontier for wireless communications. Holding vast amounts of uncongested bandwidth, it can support the gigabits of user traffic needed to satisfy the growing demand of an ever more interconnected world. Efficient utilization and capitalization of this resource requires conquering technology challenges and revolutions in the state of the art for wireless communication systems.

Peraso has been pioneering commercial mmWave technology since 2008, becoming a premier vendor for 60GHz, IEEE 802.11ad semiconductors consisting of a complete RF and baseband, MAC/PHY chipset. While the 60 GHz band provides an unlicensed band with 14 GHz of open spectrum, the potential for mmWave was recognized by Mobile Network Operators, and the 3GPP body added mmWave bands to the 5G FR2 specification.  To support 5G, Peraso has developed a unique beamformer which can address the bands in the 24-41GHz range with a single device.

Peraso’s technology products include not only semi-conductors, but also module solutions with integrated antennas, standard firmware and software for common applications and customized solutions which enable innovative end-user products.

Developers working on next generation wireless products know that their applications demand high throughput, low-latency, low-power and autonomous operation. Peraso’s technology meets these demands and is well suited for applications such as:  Fixed Wireless Access, Low-probability of intercept communications, Smart City and Smart Factory networks, AR/VR connectivity, and un-wired enterprise or educational workplaces.


  • Over 10 years of field proven technology
  • Complete, in-house, solution expertise
  • Power efficient semiconductors
  • Beamforming antennas
  • Innovative MAC and SW layer solutions
  • Customizable features and applications
  • Customer support from concept to production


  • 105 total patents (pending and granted)
  • 50 mmWave patent applications with 40 already granted
  • Includes a number of essential claims for the IEEE 802.11ay standard and strategic patents in device implementation – particularly in the field of high-performance, cost-efficiency 


5G Products

High bandwidth 5G mmWave RFICs and Module Products

60 GHz Products

60 GHz chipset, module and software products

Memory / LineSpeed

FPGA Accelerator Memories and LineSpeed network mux, demux and signal integrity