Memory / LineSpeed Products

Memory and LineSpeed Products

Solving system bandwidth and signal integrity

Accelerator Memory Products directly attach to an FPGA increasing system performance by effectively expanding the FPGA on chip memory with a single SRAM memory device with high capacity, high performance and high bandwidth. End Of Life Announced (December 22, 2023) – please contact Mark Lunsford ( for details.

LineSpeed products address the need for data aggregation and disaggregation due to the significate increase in link data speeds of 100G and beyond.


Accelerator Memory Products

Accelerator Memory Products

These memories can increase the performance of FPGA based systems and reduced the time to design new systems and shorten time to revenue. Today, system memory strategy involves the tradeoffs of DRAM, HBM, FPGA memory and the growing need for FPGA attached memories. Peraso’s Quazar and Blazar Families of Accelerator Memories attached to Intel, Xilinx and Achronix FPGAs​. These devices are low cost, high capacity and high-performance FPGA attached memories perfect for QDR replacement and easy-to-design new systems.

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LineSpeed Products

LineSpeed Products

These devices provide industry standard parts as well an specialty parts the focus on data aggregation/disaggregation and well as retiming and multiplexing. Many of the advanced features allow unique movement and secure ways to move data.

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