Fixed Wireless Access

High Speed, Low Latency Broadband

mmWave Spectrum for Fixed Wireless Broadband

Current Issue:

  • Expansion or upgrade of cable and fiber networks is disruptive and cost prohibitive
  • Consumers dissatisfied with monopolistic service providers
  • Remote and low-income regions are under-served by incumbent networks


  • Deploy new broadband services without trenching for cable or fiber
  • Compete with incumbent wired infrastructure
  • Address underserved regions with low cost terminals and infrastructure


  • Gigabit data speeds competitive with wired services
  • Rapid regional coverage
  • Minimal permitting requirements
  • Self-install CPE with minimal support

Providing consumers with high speed internet access using mmWave wireless technology is the ideal solution for new networks. mmWave networks deployed by 5G carriers and private Wireless Service Providers can be provisioned quickly, enabling high speed connectivity for both upload and download data traffic.