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Antenna to Baseband Modules for 60 GHz FWA Networks

All Perspectus modules use Peraso’s PRS1165 transceiver IC, which integrates 16 high-power beamformer chains. … Peraso’s MAC PHY baseband processor, the PRS4601 B2E, provides the functionality for 802.11ad operation and supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint capability. Peraso provides Linux drivers and offers various software/firmware versions optimized for FWA applications.

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Peraso Delivers Partner Keynote at FWA Summit

Peraso Inc., a leader in mmWave technology for 5G networks, announce its plans to attend and participate at FWA Summit. … “I’m excited to speak at this year’s FWA Summit and look forward to discussing the critical role that mmWave plays in broader FWA deployments,” said Ron Glibbery, CEO of Peraso. … Peraso’s 5G mmWave products can offer material improvement in the price/ performance of 5G mmWave customer premise equipment (CPE). The cost of CPE is a fundamental factor in the success of mmWave FWA.”

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Making The Case For mmWave In An Evolving 5G Market

The 3GPP 5G specification was unique in that it included the use of mmWave technology. The telecommunications industry has broadly recognized that demand for wireless services is increasing at an exponential rate, and the use additional frequency spectrum in the mmWave band from 24 GHz to 43 GHz is required to meet such demand. This situation is illustrated in Figure 1, as presented by the research group Mobile Experts in their April, 2022 report “5G Millimeter Wave 2022.”
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EDACafe Bunker Broadcast : Ron Glibbery, CEO – Peraso

Interview with Ron Glibbery, CEO, Peraso

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