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On Demand Webinar: Learn About Peraso’s Chips That Power 60GHz Fixed Wireless Access Solutions

Posted on November 18, 2023

In this session, Mike Hamilton from Peraso delves deep into the nuances of 60 GHz technology. He discusses how Peraso is leading the charge with innovative chipsets and software designed for fixed wireless access. The webinar covers the unique advantages of 60 GHz technology, including its use of unlicensed bandwidth and high capacity, making it a compelling option for broadband services. Through a comparative analysis, you'll gain insights into how 60 GHz stands against other technologies in terms of bandwidth, interference, and cost. The discussion extends to real-world applications, showcasing how this technology is implemented in various settings. The technical segment of the webinar is a deep dive into the mechanics of 60 GHz technology, touching upon aspects like beamforming and antenna solutions. Wrapping up the session, Hamilton addresses future trends and answers a range of questions in an interactive Q&A session.

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