5G Products

Unleash the power of 5G with Peraso's mmWave Technology

As 5G networks have adopted mmWave spectrum to deliver a new generation of services with 1000X improvements in capacity and latency. These improvements are essential to service high density environments and enable applications such as real-time AR/VR and high resolution video streaming. Building on our extensive experience developing mmWave products for the 60 GHz 802.11ad/ay markets, Peraso is embarking on the development of revolutionary 5G mmWave products which will demonstrate that a superior level of integration and performance. Employing novel semiconductor designs and modular packaging solutions with integrated antennas, Peraso’s upcoming products will enable infrastructure and consumer products which transform the wireless landscape. Contact our sales to learn more about our revolutionary 5G products and solutions at: sales@perasotech.com


The PRS1520 is a mmWave Beamformer IC supporting 5G NR mmWave bands from 24-43.5GHz. With 32 high-power RF chains, configured to operate with two streams, the PRS1520 provides RF power to enable CPE, small cell, and portable applications with a single device. The EVK-PRS1520 evaluation module includes a multi-band, 16 element, dual-polarization antenna array integrated into the PCB allowing for low-cost mass-production. With a total output EIRP (H and V polarization) of up to 47dBm, the EVK-PRS1520 is suitable for applications such as Fixed Wireless Access Customer Premise Equipment, small cell nodes and personal mobile hotspots. The EVK-PRS1520 is equipped with standard RF connector to interface with an external frequency converter or test equipment.


  • Supports all 5G NR mmWave bands
    • n257, n258, n259, n260, n261
    • 24 – 29.5 and 37 – 43.5 GHz
  • RF Features
    • Total EIRP n261; 47dBm; n260; 45dBm; n257, n258, n259: 42dBm
    • 5.6 degree phase resolution
  • Integrated 16-element, dual-pol antenna array
  • USB-C control interface
  • Internal CPU with beam control and automatic calibration
  • Dual-RF Interfaces supporting H-V polarizations
  • Single 5VDC supply input
  • 50 x 92 mm module with integrated antenna