Fixed Wireless Access

high-speed wireless internet

Fast, multi-gigabit wireless access on the 60 GHz band

Current Issue:

  • High speed wireless is a cost effective alternative to fiber


  • Replace fiber with 60 GHz with existing wireless operators
  • Provide 60 GHz  infrastructure for new wireless operators
  • Bring 60 GHz  wireless to areas where fiber infrastructure is not possible


  • Fast, multi-gigabit wireless internet access
  • Costs less to deploy
  • Uncongested spectrum
  • Flexibility to add network endpoints in the future
  • Complements existing infrastructures

In the wireless broadband market, the 60 GHz band is viewed as a primary technology choice for small cell backhaul and wireless internet service providers. Peraso offers various 60 GHz products and solutions that can provide carriers with viable, cost effective options to traditional backhaul methods.